About Us

RAK’d UP® was formed in 2010 after acquiring the rights to the original mount company. It was also a division of my main technology that built and resold computer technology mainly for the K-12 education market and over a 22 year period of time. It was important to diversify our product line and we wanted to attempt to bring technology into the hunting market. So we offered High Definition cameras, laptop computers and various other items in order to bring even more technology into hunting. Over the last few years we decided to simply focus on our universal camera mount and the accessories in order to make our product more affordable for most hunters.

The RAK’d UP® universal camera mount allows hunters of all ages to capture the thrill of the hunt forever when the hunter attaches a video camera to our mount. The mount then attaches to any of 4 weapons and other devices so you can video your own hunts in high definition. And with our patented shock absorbing platform we offer a completely different and unique way to video your own hunts and capture the thrill of the hunt for a life time.

RAK’d UP® purchased the original mount company’s product from Deer Ridge Innovations. We then made changes to the design, added a cross bow riser option, and began offereing different colors and camo patterns. We also created a new and improved marketing plan in order to better promote our products.

RAK’d UP® began marketing under our name about 5 years ago in 2010. We attended most of the major hunting shows around the country and continually sold out of our mounts at almost every show. However we still offered cameras and computer technology that took our focus off simply the RAK’d UP® universal gun & bow camera mount.

In 2013 and 2014 RAK’d UP Technologies and the marketing of our product line was put on hold while I was in the process of selling my computer manufacturing and reselling company. It was not until the end of 2014 that I was able to finally focus on RAK’d UP® which included re-designing the website and upgrading our marketing programs.

Most hunters have been searching a way to video their own hunts forever. And now they can with the RAK’d UP® universal gun & bow camera mount. And you can use your own video camera that already has a universal thumb screw connection to our mount. We have designed a system that is very rare and one of the only ways to video your hunt from the perspective of your weapon.

Bring home the experience of the hunt with our new camera mount for guns and bows.
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