Rifle Mounts and Bow Mounts for Your Camera

The next time you and your buddies head out on the hunt, bring home the fun with the new patented shock absorbing gun and bow mounts for cameras from RAK'd UP Technologies, LLC of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. With this accessory, you can video your own hunts in High definition with most lightweight camcorders.

RAK'd UP® Universal Rifle Mounts and & Bow Mounts
This revolutionary product enables a hunter to easily attach a video camera to their weapon of choice, including bows, crossbows, rifles, muzzleloaders, and shotguns. The mount weighs only 4.2 ounces and its patented shock-absorbing design reduces recoil and while protecting and stabilizing your camcorder. In no time at all, you'll be shooting like the pros, capturing all your great hunting moments and preserving them forever. Available in a universal camo for $79.99.

RAK'd UP® Crossbow Riser
The RAK'd UP® Crossbow Riser works in conjunction with the RAK'd UP® Universal Gun & Bow Camera Mount, enabling proper camera positioning when the system is used on a crossbow. The kit consists of a universal camo-dipped extension and a threaded replacement screw that replaces the existing screw assembly on the Universal Camera Mount. Available for $19.99.

Remington 870 Thread Extender and Browning Gold & Winchester Super-X Thread Extender 
When using the Universal Camera Mount with a Remington 870, Browning Gold, or Winchester Super XII shotgun, an additional mounting adapter is required. Don't lose out on the experience of using the Universal Camera Mount because you don't have the require extern piece. Get yours for $19.99.

Contact us to capture the thrill of hunting with our new rifle mounts and bow mounts for your camera.